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We specialize in providing a complete personal training package tailored to meet your needs.
Unlike big organizations, we're not here to waste your time or money!
Working with a Personal Trainer, especially for those of us who have not worked out our entire lives,
just makes the process of getting fit easier, safer and a lot more fun.
KIDS FITNESS NYC instructors will get you in prime shape quickly.
Stop wasting your time and money. Start getting results!
At the KIDS FITNESS NYC, we know that each person is different.
First fitness program needs as much attention as an athlete preparing for competition.
We provide the same attention, focus and support to both Mother & Kids.
If you're ready to take the next step, send us an Email to
exclusively for Kids & women designed by women!
Some children are very involved in competitive sports, but many other youngsters get no exercise
at all. That lack of exercise is tied to an increase in childhood weight problems.
Experts recommend children get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity
on most days to maintain good health and fitness and for healthy weight during growth.
An adolescent athlete can never stretch too much, experts say. Stretching to stay flexible is vital --
particularly when a child reaches puberty and goes through a growth spurt. The American Academy
of Pediatrics and the American College of Sports Medicine now say that strength training is fine
for kids, as long as they are supervised and don't try to lift too much weight.Children should avoid specializing in a sport until they reach adolescence, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends.
Reason: for every prodigy who becomes a successful athlete, thousands of youths suffer physically or psychologically from being pushed to compete at a young age. Most children depend on recreational and school sports for exercise and fun. But too many young athletes suffer needless injuries. As concern grows over children's harmful weight, physical education gets less and less emphasis in many schools.
Kids need to move to build cognitive and motor skills and to learn that physical activity is fun.Rising "screen time" can cost kids the exercise they need to keep fit. Like adults, children should be physically active most, if not all, days of the week. The sport helps build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Its all-around fitness benefits make it a good springboard to other activities.
Elle has lived in New York for 18 years, is married with two children, aged 13 and 10, (by the way, she knows about pregnancy weight gain and shape loss, so if you want to read about her post-natal weight loss and reconditioning and toning programs, in the convenience of your own home, skip further down this web page).
Elle was a trainer with the Israeli army where she helped with bootcamp for new recruits.
She has taken all the good stuff, none of the harsh military stuff, and adapted her knowledge into fun, children-centric programs.
Elle also has a background in beauty and fashion, so she recognizes the importance of the total image, looking, feeling and being the best you can be.
"I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become. Become the change you want to see - those are words I live by."
- Oprah Winfrey
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