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Postnatal & Weight Loss
Pregnant Women / Afterbirth Training on Fitness by Elle NYC
Postnatal & Weight Loss
Personal Training we'll guide you on the right way to get your figure back, telling you what to eat (and what not to, especially if you're breast-feeding), how to train your core muscles correctly to get your waistline back and how to make the most of natural sleep cycles so that baby's night-time wake-ups don't take such a heavy toll on you.
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Exercising After pregnancy is good for you. It is also good for your baby.
The benefits of exercise in pregnancy are not as well discussed as exercise at other points in your life.
Some of the benefits of exercise include:
Fewer pregnancy complaints (Backache, constipation, etc.)
Less likely to gain excess weight in pregnancy.
Decreased risk for gestational diabetes.
Faster recovery from birth. Your baby will tend to be leaner and calmer.
So why is it that the rates of women exercising in pregnancy is falling? Some speculate that it is because of outdated beliefs about pregnancy in general.
The beliefs that say pregnant women should eat for two and hide in their homes. Women tend to say that they stop exercising when the start feeling poorly with exhaustion and morning sickness often interrupting their routines. The good news is that continuing to exercises will often help these common symptoms of pregnancy be less pronounced.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has adopted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) guidelines for exercise in pregnancy. These guidelines state that pregnant women should do 30 minutes of moderate activity, most days of the week.
Exercise is a great way to stay in shape and feel super. Pregnancy does not change this for most women.
Despite the differences in your body, exercise is still important. Some studies have suggested that exercise during pregnancy will help with an easier and shorter labor and birth, fewer cesarean surgeries, a quicker recovery postpartum, a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy weight, not to mention a healthier feeling pregnancy.
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