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Who We Are

Kids Fitness NYC provides an all-encompassing package tailored to fit you or child personal training requisites. What distinguishes us from other organizations is our enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to giving you and your child  the highest value for your time and money. At Kids Fitness NYC, we understand that each individual has different needs, and our highly-individualized approach to fitness accommodates that. In addition, our personal trainers make the process of getting fit a lot easier, safer, and more fun, especially for those of us who have not worked out our entire lives, With your commitment and work, promise to get you in prime shape quickly,  as if you were, an athlete preparing for competition. 

Our Mission

One of the biggest health stories of the past several years is the obesity epidemic, which is becoming more prevalent in our children. Though some children are involved in competitive sports, a vast majority of them are getting little to no exercise whatsoever, and that directly correlates to weight problems in children. According to fitness experts, children should engage in at least 60 minutes daily of moderate to vigorous physical activity on a regular basis in order to maintain good health and ensure a healthy weight, which will assist growth. We also highly endorse stretching, as experts say that one can never stretch too much. Stretching to stay flexible is vital, particularly when a child reaches puberty and hits their growth spurt.   

Understandably, some parents might be opposed to strength training for their children. Nevertheless, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Sports Medicine, strength training can actually benefit a child’s development, as long as they are supervised and avoid lifting heavy weights. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that adolescents engage in strength training over sports. This is because for every child who becomes a successful athlete, thousands of youths suffer physically or psychologically from being pushed too hard to compete at a young age. Most children depend on recreational and school sports for exercise and fun and yet, too many young athletes suffer needless injuries. Therefore, kids need to move and build cognitive and motor skills from physical activity that is fun. 


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