- Nina Y.F.

❝ Elle started working with my 9-year-old son last summer. From the beginning, she developed a rapport with him rapidly. An overweight child who feels self-conscious about his physical prowess needs to believe in himself in order to work hard. From the beginning, Elle figured out how to rapidly show him how his skills could grow. He learned how to jump rope and she made increasing challenges for him.

Because she is a mother and understand children and how they need to be motivated, she always made it FUN and exciting and knew how to handle the typical challenges (when he was grumpy or resistant or discouraged). She trains with loving firmness. Yesterday, after four months working with Elle, Avery called me over to watch what they were doing. For the first time, I witnessed him do a perfect bridge pose. When they had started initially, he has struggled to lift his lower body. Elle also has worked on the piece that is “in his head” the ways he has taught himself that he can’t do certain things or that he resists failure by avoiding challenges. Together they have learned that if he figures out how to set his own goals, if he OWNS it, he can do amazing things.

In short, I feel blessed that Elle entered our son’s life. I credit her with much of the progress he has made in his health, his physical ability and his mental outlook. ❞

- Claire H. R.

❝ I joined New York Sports Club about 5 years ago and as a promotional gift I was given a complimentary one-hour session with a trainer and that is how I met Elle Shindler. I remember I was quite nervous to begin because I was never worked with a trainer before, but Elle put me at ease right away. I was really impressed by her obvious skill and ability to create a program that would push me out of my comfort zone but not so far as to risk injury. I liked her so much, I immediately signed for more sessions!

Over the years Elle has shown herself to be a conscientious, reliable and hardworking professional. She has helped me to achieve a level of fitness and core strength that I never thought I could. We now train twice a week in my home and though we work very hard, Elle manages to keep it enjoyable and fun! We talk about life and motherhood and I’m always touched by the way she speaks so lovingly about her children and devotion to her family.

I respect Elle for her skill as a trainer, her honesty in business, and most of all her tremendous integrity. Elle is truly a wonderful woman and I recommend her without hesitation.❞

- Jaqueline W.

❝ Elle has worked with my ten-year-old daughter for 6+ months and the transformation has been astounding. Because of Elle’s sensitive, kind, yet determined approach she has introduced my daughter to fitness and wellness in a way I was never able to accomplish. I can’t say enough good thing about her care or her expertise. I am deeply grateful.❞

- Mary R, A

❝ A few months ago, my 11-year old son was being bullied and called himself “weak” and wanted to do something about it. My son has special needs that make it difficult for him to participate in organized sports – the usual outlet and ego-booster for boys his age. He specifically wanted to lift weights but because of his age and misinformation about the impact of weight training on young children, it made it difficult for us to find an option that would work for him. In other words, he wanted to “go to the gym” but most gyms are for babies or adults, nothing in between.

Well, Elle has been the answer to this dilemma. My son goes to the gym, lift light weights, uses equipment – all appropriately for his age. My son’s confidence and physical stamina have exceeded our expectations within such short period of time. And the buy-in from my son is unbelievable, especially given how hard he works when with her. And physically his stamina and coordination have improved more than time spent with Occupational Therapist. This city needs a facility that can offer these services to a larger group of children. A healthy, more dignified options that OT for children like my son but would also benefit any child.

My testimonial would not be completed without a mention of how professional Elle operates. I work on Wall St. and am held to a pretty high standard of performance to keep my job. Elle would be a superstar where I work. Smart, disciplined, extremely hard working and has a business model that is relevant to the times, given current lease opportunities, location and need. She is brilliant. I would buy stock in any company she runs.❞

- Wende G.

❝ Dear Kids Fitness NYC,

I would like to thank you for all of your help and support with my son David. He has been working out with Elle for almost two years now and has truly gained confidence and love to exercise. He has learned a lot about working out, nutrition, and about taking care of his body. I have always been a person who works out and now I can do it with my Son. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for working so well with David.❞

- T. G.

❝I highly recommend Elle Shindler at Kids Fitness.  She has been a personal trainer for our family since 2015.  She is extremely knowledgeable about how to teach exercises to children, teens, and adults.  Her sessions focus on cardio health, muscle strengthening, and stretching. She teaches our daughters, ages 6 & 13, how to challenge themselves on the treadmill, lift weights, and stretch. She also taught me exercises during my postpartum period.  Elle is an enthusiastic, talented, punctual, and dedicated personal trainer. She motivates her clients to reach their fitness goals and stay healthy. ❞


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